MUN Students' Union Board of Directors - Election Results

The election process for 2017-2018 positions on the Union's Board of Directors has now concluded. Click the link below for election results and to check out the list of Board members who will begin their term on May 1, 2017!

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MUNSU Board of Directors Elections - Ongoing Now!

Elections for contested positions on the Students' Union Board of Directors is now ongoing. Members can vote through their MUN self-service menu until 9:00pm on Wednesday, March 22. For further info, click the link below!

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MUNSU Hiring to Polling Captains

We are looking for Polling captains whose sole responsibility is the facilitation of polling stations on election days (21st and 22nd March). If you are interested and are an undergraduate student, please fill out the attached sheets and provide a direct deposit form from your bank. Send completed forms and/or questions to Tiffany Holmberg, CRO at You can even drop them off at the MUNSU office (UC2000) by Friday (17th March) 4.30 pm.

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MUNSU hiring for SVB Coordinator position

The SVB is a by-students, for students dynamic resource for anyone interested in getting involved and volunteering! Help share your experiences and expertise with Memorial students by applying to be the coordinator of the Student Volunteer Bureau!

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Board Elections 2017 - Get Involved!

The MUN Students' Union is a democratically-run, membership-driven organization representing nearly 13,000 undergraduate students at Memorial's St. John's campus. MUNSU organizes campaigns to improve student lives both on campus and in the broader community; fights to keep post-secondary education accessible, equitable and high-quality; provides advocacy work to help students experiencing troubles (from appealing grades and plagiarism accusations to landlord-tenant difficulties) and provides a wide range of member services (The Attic/Copy Centre, SafeDrive, CHMR-FM, Breezeway, Health and Dental Plan, and much much more). The Union also establishes and facilitates the hundreds of student clubs, societies and resource centres.
But we can't do all that without the help, support, time and energy of dedicated student activists who put themselves forward both as volunteers as well as paid employees. For further information on elections for Board positions, including extended nominations and acclaimed positions, check out the Elections page!

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Bylaw Amendments

The MUN Students' Union would like to advise that several amendments have been proposed to the union's bylaws. These amendments would reduce the size of the Board of Directors by shifting to a base system of one representative per academic unit or constituency, as opposed to the current system of proportionality based on the number of students in the unit. They would also replace the current Directors at Large with more specifically focused positions including a Racialized Students’ Representative, a Sustainability Representative, a First-Year Representative and an Undeclared Student Representative. The LBGTQ* student rep position would be replaced by two positions: a Queer Students’ Rep and a Trans Students’ Rep. The proposed amendments would also grant voting rights to interim reps who are currently considered observing members.
These amendments will be open for debate at the February 8 meeting of the Board of Directors, taking place in UC-2001 at 5:00pm. All members of the Students’ Union are welcome to attend. If you have any feedback or questions, or if you would like a formal copy of the proposed amendments, please contact A copy of the proposed amendments can also be downloaded here.

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