Bylaw Amendments

The MUN Students' Union would like to advise that several amendments have been proposed to the union's bylaws. These amendments would reduce the size of the Board of Directors by shifting to a base system of one representative per academic unit or constituency, as opposed to the current system of proportionality based on the number of students in the unit. They would also replace the current Directors at Large with more specifically focused positions including a Racialized Students’ Representative, a Sustainability Representative, a First-Year Representative and an Undeclared Student Representative. The LBGTQ* student rep position would be replaced by two positions: a Queer Students’ Rep and a Trans Students’ Rep. The proposed amendments would also grant voting rights to interim reps who are currently considered observing members.
These amendments will be open for debate at the February 8 meeting of the Board of Directors, taking place in UC-2001 at 5:00pm. All members of the Students’ Union are welcome to attend. If you have any feedback or questions, or if you would like a formal copy of the proposed amendments, please contact A copy of the proposed amendments can also be downloaded here.

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