MUNSU Election 2014

2014 MUNSU General Elections


Click here to download the election polling results. 

Executive Director of Campaigns:
Robert Leamon 1194
Maggie Millican  711

Executive Director of Finance & Services:
Devin Grant   1176
Max Page       740

Director at Large:
Anik Rahman    965
Emily Philpott   761
Kelsea Perry     671
Morgan Simms  641
Brendon Dixon  619

Jeffrey Anstey  575
Dylan Chrysochou 512

East/West Tower Representative:
Bridgette Abbott 25

Cody Fraser           8

Business Representative:
Sarah Farrell     133
Kandice Power  115

Ryan Post        106

Arts Representative:
Melissa Thomas  273
Bronwen Trombley  200

Science Representative:
Katie Doyle     258
Andrew O'Dea  249

Pharmacy Representative:
Jeremy MacDonald   32
Zachary Morse             30

Part Time Representative:
Candace Simms  46
Alyssa Feener    25

The following candidates have been acclaimed to their positions:

Executive Director of Advocacy - Sean Kennedy
Executive Director of Student Life - Kimberly Drisdelle
Executive Director of External Affairs, Communication and Research - Ryan Murphy

Student Parent Representative - Kelly Brewer-Blach
Aboriginal Student Representative - Anita Fells
Women's Representative - Brittany Byrnes
Student with Disabilities Representative - Samuel Wilkes
International Student Representative - Shefaur Rahman
LGBTQ Representative - Tyler Drake
Burton's Pond Representative - Brittany Lennox
Paton College Representative - Jillian Vallis
Social Work Representative - Jason Wiseman
Engineering Representative - Sarah Shannon
Arts Representative - Megan Cluett
Arts Representative - Ryan Steeves
Arts Representative - Stephanie Mauger
Science Representative - Thomas Southall
Science Representative - Leah Robertson
Science Representative - Garrett Tingley
Centre for Nursing Studies Represenative - Jamieson Kovacs
Nursing Representative - Courtney Young
Paton College Representative - Kimberly Brown